Friday, May 22, 2009

2 Times in 2 Weeks

We are thankful to be alive and well, after being sick two different time is two weeks. About two weeks ago the entire family got the stomach flu in one day. In a couple of days most of us were back to normal even though several of the boys continued to struggle some with their stomachs for a while. Well, on Tuesday this week I woke up hurting all over. By afternoon my stomach started hurting again as well. I had a high fever and was shaking like a leaf in a hail storm. I ended up have another round with the stomach flu just this time with a fever. That lasted from Tuesday till Thursday. Gwen's been feeding the boys a lot of garlic. The two older ones actually like it. Anyway they aren't sick. We pray it stays that way.

Monday, May 11, 2009

1st Birthday

Titus turned one year old yesterday. It's hard to believe it's been a year since we were in the States for his birth.

While family members were wishing Titus a happy birthday, using Skype, he was trying to chew on the mic!


Markers and children really shouldn't go together. Titus found some markers and had some fun. I'm not sure if he did it all himself or if he had some help from his older brothers!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Phil's Truck

Last Saturday Phil loaned his truck to a friend for a few hours. Although our friend was careful not everyone else on the road is. While he was driving someone from out of town drove right into the side of the truck. Very little damage was done to the body of the truck because the rear tire received most of the impact. Actually the wheel was driven back under the load body almost to the bumper. Needless to say there was a considerable amount of twisting and bending done to the springs, bolts, etc. under the truck. At the scene of the accident Phil, Glenn, and Lester managed to get the wheels back into place enough to pull the truck home. Glenn pulled the truck with his little Golf and when we needed to go down a hill we attached another cable from the back of Phil's truck to the front bumper of my car. Gravity pulled the truck down the hill and I used my car as brakes for both vehicles. :-) I wish we could have gotten a picture that.

Anyway today Phil and Glenn Gault have started making the needed repairs to the truck, because as most people here in South Africa the other driver does not have insurance. Actually Phil and Amrie need another vehicle. The truck has over 600,000 kilometers on it. Help us pray about this need.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bro. Kolobe

For about two and a half weeks we were privileged to have Bro. Malimabe Kolobe as part of our family. As I have written before Bro. Malimabe is a student at Cedar College at the Kwasizabantu Mission. He was here in the Ladybrand area for student teaching so we were happy to have him in our home during that time. He seemed to enjoy most of our American cooking. We enjoyed his stories and humor. Lord willing, when Bro. Malimabe graduates from college he plans to come back here to Ladybrand and teach at Hope Christian Academy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Friend

Today our boys are having a lot of fun with Motsamae, a boy who attends Hope Christian Academy. Motsamae seems to be enjoying himself also.

School Project

This week was the last for the builders at Hope Christian Academy. These men are some of the ones who made this project a reality. Though the new school building is not 100% finished, it is usable and we will continue working on finalizing the last details a little at a time.
While we have been working on the new building we have also erected a new carport out in front of the school. I recently started leveling and laying pavers under the carport. It has been nice having Isaac and Micah at the school with me many days. Isaac tried his hand at laying pavers.