Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bible Study Group

For the past few months I, Steve, have been teaching a Bible Study using the book Loving God.  We really had some good discussions and I enjoyed watching God work in the lives of these people.  Some of them really gained ground spiritually.  This picture was taken on the last day of class.  I gave certificates to the two who never missed a class and also a few rewards for different things.  I hope to start another class in January.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sunset at Arizona

The farm house we now rent is called "Arizona".  So the picture below is a sunset over a small pond at Arizona.


I want to go back a couple of weeks and share a few pictures of the not so favorite task of moving.  The first thing we moved from our house here in town was our garden!  Yes, that's right. Because we knew we would be moving a bit late in the planting season we decided to go ahead and start our garden in town and then move it when it came time.  We bought a few seedlings and a lot of other plants we started in containers, but a few things like corn and green beans we planted right in the ground and then we transplanted them when it came time to move.  The green beans were really set back by the move, but the corn did very well.  What do you think about our garden on wheels?

We are very thankful for those who came to help us on moving day.  It was a mammoth undertaking.  The house we moved to was about twenty-five minutes out of town on a dirt road and we were not only moving our belongings but also many of my brother's things, and the belongings of another missionary who is in the States right now.  Thankfully not all those things went out to our new rental but to another house here in town.  So in reality we basically moved three households.