Monday, April 26, 2010

Snakes, Spiders, & other "visitors"

Since moving to our new location we have seen quite a few snakes.  I ran over a puff adder yesterday (Sunday) on the way home from church.  Last week while I was in town Gwen found a small snake just inside our kitchen door.  She killed it!  The picture below, thankfully, wasn't taken in our house, but I'm sure they are around since we live in an old farm house.  We did catch a mouse in a trap, and we also found a mole under our stove.  I know you would be interested to know that for about two weeks we also found little white worms in our kitchen about every morning.  The mystery is that we also found them in a closed cupboard inside one specific stack of bowls.  They were never anywhere else in that cupboard.  We even moved the bowls to the other side of the shelf and we still found one in the top bowl the next morning.????  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sequel to being burglarized

Well, tomorrow it will be three weeks since our house was broken into, and a lot has transpired in that time. After the burglary several of our national brethren expressed to us that they felt the burglar would come back again after having found money the first time. There were others who were concerned about our safety and were hoping we would move to another place.

Back in November when we moved out of town we could not find ANY other house open or in our price range except for "Arizona", the farm house where we were burglarized. The house was very isolated in the country and there was no security, but we took the house since there was no other option.

After the burglary someone told us about a house about 3 1/2 miles from coworkers in the mission. We went to look at the house and found it was much more suitable to our situation. So eight days later we moved to the new location. We are thankful that there are neighbors right beside us and we have made several attempts to get to know them.

Two days after we moved we returned to the old house to get a few things from the garage that we didn't have room for on the first day of the move. When we arrived we found out that the same night we moved the burglar returned. From what we could see it appeared there were two men this time. After trying but failing to get in the same window the man had entered previously they broke a kitchen window and entered the house. They also smashed a window in the garage/shed and rummaged through some of the things there. We thank the Lord that His timing is perfect.

Thank you for your prayers. We know God is in control and that He allows things to happen according to His divine purpose.